1-Year Builder Warranty Inspection

4 Reasons why you should consider a home inspection for your home.


When purchasing a new home everything is brand new and the systems in your home are only tested to be in working conditions. As the systems become used in everyday life, problems may appear that were not apparent when the systems were first installed. Your systems will expand and contrast with the weather and general daily use over the first year. Many of these issues do not show themselves for a few years into your homes life when you are out of warranty. You need to have your home evaluated by an independent 3rd party inspection service to help resolve these problems while they are still covered by your homes warranty.

Reason 1: The county or city inspected the home before we purchased.


This is indeed true. All new homes must be inspected before the home can be certified ready to purchase. These inspectors cram in as many home inspections as they can within an 8 hour work day. This leaves limited time to inspect attics and crawlspaces as thoroughly as they need to be completed. These state and county inspectors do go over a checklist for your home, BUT they do not guarantee that something was overlooked or is working properly AFTER the home has been under living conditions for months. Do not let other peoples early evaluations affect your home and family's future.

Reason 2: We loved our home builder.


There are many good home builders out there and Property Pros has worked with many of them. Home builders sub-contract work which may be sub-contracted again to other subcontractors. Your builder may have lost visibility in the quality of work due to a tremendous work load. Your builder may manage multiple homes, upwards of 20-25 homes at once, under construction at one time.  That is a lot of houses to give your full attention to on a daily bases. With time pressure to make closing dates, one can assume that items may not get properly inspected for quality. This leaves the builder to rely on the quality of work from his subcontractors and the inspector. While the inspector and subcontractors are relying on the builder to catch missing items. Its a cycle were everyone is assuming that the other person did their job correctly. Don't let their assumptions cost you down the road.

Reason 3: My home is brand new, everything is in good working condition.


Many issues could occur during construction or when your home is settling. Small defects, which many non-technical people cannot detect, can result in costly repairs. Allow our trained professionals to inspect your home thoroughly to bring defects to your attention to address with your builder. The cost of inspection will be much less than even a simple repair; schedule today so you are not stuck with the repair bills! 

Reason 4: Protect your financial interest.


The #1 thing to remember about a home inspector is they are looking out for your best interest. You have hired this person to help you protect your investment now and in the future. Everyday potential home buyers and sellers are having inspection reports done on their homes as part of the process of buying or selling a house. As home inspectors, we see items that were incorrectly installed in the manufacturing of the home that the builder should have corrected. When you go to sell your home at a future date, these issues now become your problem and the cost of the repairs are your responsibility. Have the issues discovered today and repaired under your homes warranty before it expires. You should not have to pay for the builders mistakes!  Property Pros will document inspection findings in a thorough report, with pictures, that you can present to your builder. 

Let's find those issues and get them fixed under warranty.


Having a 1-year builder warranty inspection will save you time and money. It will give you and your family a peace of mind that your home has had it's issues addressed by your builder. Do not miss the opportunity to maximize your home's warranty. Together we can save time, money, and future complications. 

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